Beverly Hills, MI Village Center + Master Plan

The Village of Beverly Hills, MI is primarily residential with pockets of commercial. The Village, one of LSL’s long-standing clients, sought a vision, plan, and code for their largest commercial strip on Southfield Road. In 2012, I coordinated a team of designers and planners to develop the plan and overlay form-based code. I supervised a junior planner on the plan document and visioning graphics for several sites and I created an overall massing model and site-specific renderings as well. I then communicated our vision to a senior planner who wrote the overlay code.

In 2016, I condensed Beverly Hills’s previous plan into a graphically-rich concise document. Their previous plan had no actions and was largely a “status quo” plan. This plan included the Village Center Plan as an appendix, plus a new action plan with implementation strategies.

Village of Beverly Hills, MI
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